Weekday, weekend, or Today?

We can be very linear in our perception of days. “Well it’s Monday, time to start the week. It’s Wednesday, the weekend is almost here. IT’S Friday!!! Now I can plan what I want to do for myself, around the house, family, friends, and crap it’s Sunday already”. As we begin to digest the things we could or would do, there is an overwhelming anxiety that can set in. “I can never complete all my to do’s in a weekend”, “When do I get to just relax?”

It can be a never ending cycle if we let it. One day as I wrote down my to do’s for around the house, and for my customers a question popped up. Why do all our to do’s have to be done on the weekend or in the evening? Why do we have to give 5 days to others and cram ours in for two days? “Maybe we shouldn’t feel guilty for taking an hour to fix that clogged sink on a Tuesday.”

Then another question came to mind. There are weekdays, there are weekends, and these are titles set to manage relative time for the modern world. The only truth is, we can be here and do now, today. The name of that day is irrelevant.

We need to challenge our beliefs, the beliefs we were taught and those self imposed. Not to cast them off as right or wrong, but to see how they relate to where we are and where we are going.

If we can honestly ask ourselves these questions, we will add value to your personal and business goals.

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