The Now and Here

“Thoughts come and go. Feelings come and go. Find out what it is that remains.” I have always loved to journal my thoughts. Not always daily but consistent over the years. There are times when all my writing is about feelings, emotions, or aspirations. Too often I focus on the past or the future. ForgettingContinue reading “The Now and Here”

Business Processes – Where to begin?

These two words can create anxiety just hearing them. Sort of like morning routines. In reality, you have both even if you don’t control them. Did you drink coffee or tea this morning? What was the first thing you did at the office today and yesterday? Business processes and morning routines don’t have to beContinue reading “Business Processes – Where to begin?”

Weekday, weekend, or Today?

We can be very linear in our perception of days. “Well it’s Monday, time to start the week. It’s Wednesday, the weekend is almost here. IT’S Friday!!! Now I can plan what I want to do for myself, around the house, family, friends, and crap it’s Sunday already”. As we begin to digest the thingsContinue reading “Weekday, weekend, or Today?”

Immerse in the organization

Often I am asked to observe business processes to find answers to stagnation, redundancy, or chaos. There are many pieces to what makes a process/vision work when technology plays a central part. This isn’t always pleasant nor quick. It takes time to translate vision into functional infrastructure. As a consultant to an organization, I immerseContinue reading “Immerse in the organization”